Dear Packers Defense…

Dear Packers Defense,

Thank you for that performance on Sunday – the gritty, inspired, savage, all-out effort to out-physical a very physical team.

It was great.

Three three-and-outs to start the game, fueled by individual effort and thuggish bad#ssery more than scheme or shenanigans. The box played physical and dominated the Seattle OLine and the secondary played tough man coverage – Damarious Randall was the top graded CB in the league (and some of us saw that coming).

Keep doing that.

As the season goes on, teams will adapt. They will look for ways to play into your aggressiveness – probably starting this week. It happens. Don’t let that change your approach. If you over-pursue a couple plays or get hit by a screen pass, don’t let it take you out of this mode.

Stay in this mode.

For the next 18 games, keep playing like this.

Thank you.

See you in February.

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