What I’ll Be Watching: Falcons Packers 2017 Week 2

The Atlanta Falcons are pretty good, they’re breaking in a sh!tty new stadium in an NFCC rematch, and Chik-Fil-A will be closed.

So much going on… what to watch?

Of course I’ll be watching Mike Daniels, I always do, and I’ll watch ARodg (hopefully hit 300), but in addition to that, the big thing I’ll be watching this week is Ty Montgomgery.

The Falcons have a high-powered passing attack, a turbo-charged defense, and made the World Champion (cheater) Patriots look like grade school girls (no offense) for 40 minutes of the Super Bowl. But TyMo can be the equalizer this game, much like Jame White – the true Super Bowl MVP. Ty is quick and versatile to match up against a quick and versatile defense.

He has a knack for being tough to bring down and getting yards after contact, which will be key against a fast defense and will keep the Falcons offense chilling on the sideline. As good as our passing attack is, we don’t want to get in a shootout against Julio Jones in his home dome.

Throw in Ripkowski and Maryellus for extra blocking and the Packers run game (assuming DBak plays) could go power up against an undersized defense that is built on speed and versatility.

It feels strange to predict a running back could be the key to the offense when you have Rodgers in a dome, but don’t worry, Ty will catch some passes, too. This will not, however, be his go-to because Atlanta’s defense is designed to swoop in and take those plays away (although they gave up a load of running back receiving yards last week).

If Ty can have a big game with 80 yards rushing and 50 yards receiving, the Packers should have a real good chance at a close victory.

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