Do You Even Know What A ‘Long Time’ Is?

So a local radio chucklehead made the comment the other day that it’s been six years since the Packers have been to the Super Bowl and “that’s a long time!”

A long time?

Six years?

That’s not even a long time in sports years.

The NFL has 32 teams, so if you win it once every three decades, you’re ahead of the curve. In the last six years, only 5 teams have won a Super Bowl (only 8 teams have even made it). So 26 teams have gone a longer time than the Packers without a Super Bowl win.

Go find something real to complain about (it’s not hard, I do it all the time).

Ask the Browns what a long time is, ask the Lions. As for the Packers, let’s just enjoy being fans of a team that has been perennial contenders for the last quarter century.

We get to enjoy it again starting tomorrow!

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