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We love the draft here at PackersForTheWin.com and we know you do, too! To help make your draft process as enriching as possible, we want to share some resources with you! There’s a lot of good stuff out there, we think this is the best of it. Enjoy!


FanSpeak.com – This site has a number of features, including a mock draft simulator with the flexibility to use many different draft boards (which are added all the way up until draft day), team needs based on fan voting or resident experts, a “manage the cap” free agency simulator, and other unique features like a user hall of fame. This is the site we use for our mock drafts (which provides the pictures in the articles).

TheDraftNetwork.com – In addition to providing what is hands-down the most thorough player evaluations available on the internet, TDN launched a very slick mock draft simulator of its own last year. It doesn’t have the variety of boards and some of the other features that FanSpeak has, but it does make it very easy to access player information right in the mock draft and the site also provides a lot of articles and commentary throughout draft season.

NFLCombineResults.com – This is a great resource that has the combine measurements for every draft prospect for the last 30+ years. It also gives percentile rankings for each measure and lists the players that had measurements closest to each prospect. It’s a really cool place to get lost.

Pro-Football-Reference.com – The name says it all, they have everything, stats, filtered splits, historical logos. Sometimes it takes me a while to find something, but then it’s because I realize they have ever stat ever and I’m just taking it all in. This is place to go to answer any football trivia question.

DraftTek.com Trade Value Chart – This page shows relative values for every pick in the draft. Each team uses their own formula, but this is a great baseline that reflects trades and compensatory picks as well as allowing you to highlight a specific team to see their picks. This page is the go-to resource for all of our trade value assessments.

RelativeAthleticScores.com – The home Kent Lee Platte’s famous RAS scores. This equation reduces all of a player’s combine measurements into a single score representing their relative athleticism to others in their position group. This is especially important for Packers fans and GM Brian Gutekunst seems to heavily favor athletic players.


PackersForTheWin’s own draft archives:

We’ve found these to be quite amazing, actually:

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