Five Predictions: Packers vs Lions – 2020 Week 2

The 1-0 Packers, coming off a 14-win season, take on the 0-1 Lions, coming off a 3-win season. But this is a division game and division games are always tougher than we think. With a limited sample size, let’s make some predictions for this week.

Aaron Rodgers Keeps Going Off
After one week, it appears that the secret Rodgers remembered from his 2010 film was about setting his base and throwing in rhythm, especially over the middle. His 2018 year was wrecked by a knee injury and 2019 looked like his mechanics were still off after compensating for the injury. I thought he may have been forever changed, but last week was the first time it looked like he had corrected his form and got back to his bad-ass unstoppable self.

Davante Adams Feasts
Jeff Okudah is recovering from a hamstring injury that kept him out of week 1 and Desmond Trufant is out with a hamstring injury of his own. Throw in the fact that Davante Adams is, in fact, the beast that so many media members want to ignore, and you have a recipe for another big game with a hot QB.

Darnell Savage Gets Beat
Even without Kenny Golladay, the Lions are a pass-first team. Danny Amendola and Marvin Jones are crafty veterans and Matt Stafford is a premium arm with enough brain power to outsmart Savage, who still seems

The Packers Contain Adrian Peterson
I’m not sold on this one, but I’m speaking it into existence.

Lions Fans Whine About The Refs
This is the easiest prediction I will make all year.

Final Score: Packers 34, Lions 29

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