Quick Review: Packers vs Lions – 2020 Week 2

I understand that Pettine values defending the pass more than the run. I get it, you can’t be good at everything, but when it’s 3rd and 10 and you’re missing your best interior pass rusher, why rush three?

Lack of aggression.

I don’t like it.

I know that they have a style and a scheme, but they have the talent to be be more aggressive. They seem to need a signature big play to get the game turned around each week. Maybe that’s what we get in a league that has so much parity? Maybe it’s cool to just let the opposition score at will if you’re up two scores?

I’m not in the #FirePettine camp, but I would like to see more aggression.

Other Notes

  • Aaron Jones is good and his catch in the second half looked spectacular, but he made it hard on himself with his bad habit of turning around to catch the ball. If he could learn to catch the ball over his shoulder, he would have scored there and would be a far more productive receiver (and he’s no slouch as it is).
  • Watching how easy these teams run on the Packers, and seeing what San Francisco did in the playoffs, it’s baffling that this team is 2-0
  • The drops are getting obnoxious
  • Davante Adams absolutely whipped up on a highly-touted rookie corner again
  • The Packers were once again just fine without Davante Adams
  • Aaron Rodgers… dude…
  • Injuries piling up on both lines is not optimal
  • No one can whine about the calls or no-calls in this game… unless they’re stupid

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