Gauging The Value Of Mr. Hyde

Some people, especially in the Green Bay media, think Micah Hyde is Charles Woodson Jr. Many others, mostly fans, think he’s the second coming of Jarrett Bush.

I’m somewhere in the middle. I’ll say he’s consistent – better than consistent, he’s good and brings a unique niche skillset.

Hyde isn’t a shutdown corner to neutralize Julio Jones on an island. He’s a technique corner that holds the slot and can go to the perimeter on occasion. He plays safety pretty well, too. Good change of direction and great instincts, I think he has everything you want in a corner except 4.4 speed.

He’s actually a perfect fit for Capers scheme, which needs two or three few difference makers and eight or nine guys doing their job without a lot of mistakes. He’s right in between those two groups and, just finishing his rookie deal, he’s still developing and ascending.

Last year Micah Hyde played mistake-free football and became a big play difference maker in the playoffs. Against the Bears, he knocked a pass away in the end zone to save the day (everyone remembers the Jordy catch, but right before that, Hyde knocked away a third down pass in the end zone to limit the Bears to a game-tying field goal instead of a go-ahead touchdown), he had a moonwalking dagger to ice the division title against Detroit, and against Dallas, he did this (I love how he drags Dez along for a dozen yards like a little brother).

Who doesn’t want that? He makes those kind of plays and never messes up. Micah Hyde is too important to the Packers D, he’s too complete of an-all around player to let get away, especially with the question marks in the secondary.

Last year, we had a decision to make on Casey Hayward, who proved to only be able to play slot in Green Bay (thought he found success on the outside in San Diego). Will that happen with Hyde? Will another team see fit to give Hyde the same kind of money that San Diego gave Hayward? Hyde certainly didn’t make any glaring mistakes and showed up like a boss in the playoffs. Someone will offer him money, but will Ted decide to match it this year?

My guess is that Ted makes it happen this time. He didn’t just invest his top two picks in corners like last year – he needs Hyde.

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