Guessing How Ted Will Handle Internal Free Agents

No one ever really knows what a guy like Ted Thompson is going to do. Given the look on his face most of the time, I wonder if even he does (did you know he always had that look?). Nevertheless, let’s still take a crack at trying to figure it out. Check here for what I think they should do with all these guys, but this article is for what I think Ted is going to do.

Don Barclay: Ted loves is own guys, but not that much. He’s had a few years and found his ceiling. The acl clearly lowered it, and that sucks, but I don’t see Donnie Football hanging around the great white north for another year. Ted says no.

Jared Cook: Everyone in the world knows this is going to happen. Talks have already started – don’t buy the sensationalism about the Packers being cheap, that’s how negotiations work. Those clowns would report that Cook is asking for too much if they thought it would fuel your ire and get more clicks. Relax. Ted says yes.

Brett Goode: How do you not re-sign someone this consistent when you get a veteran exemption bonus like this? Nailing the game winner twice in a row with icing in Dallas seals it. Ted says yes.

Micah Hyde: Ted loves his own guys and Hyde brings so much versatility to the table, something Ted values. His stellar playoff showing may raise the price, but I don’t think it’ll go quite too high. Ted says yes.

Datone Jones: Datone never lived up to his first round slot, but I don’t think there’s going to be a huge market for him. Given his familiarity in the system and ability to play multiple positions, I think he sticks. Ted says yes.

Eddie Lacy: The Packers management loves strong horses for the end of the year and his rehab (coupled with a strong crop of backs in the draft) will prevent teams from offering too much. Besides, Ted doesn’t want to burn another draft pick on a running back. Ted says yes.

TJ Lang: Maybe the biggest toss up on the board. Has the skills and talent, is home-grown, and isn’t 30 yet. But there will be a strong market for him. Listening to him on the radio for years just makes me (foolishly, perhaps) think he’s going to give a little bit of a hometown discount. Ted says yes.

Christine Michael: There’s a reason he made it halfway through the waiver wire – he just wasn’t as good as his stats from Seattle suggested. Ted says no.

Julius Peppers: I think he’s over the hill, but he clearly has enough gas in the tank to eat up snaps and get the occasional sack. He’s a freak of nature and would probably be a great nice third down role player if he were used only in that role (which the Packers wouldn’t do last year, rolling him out for 584 defensive snaps and 141 special teams snaps – which is nonsense). It’s more a question of if he wants to keep playing or not, but recent rumors say he does. If he does, I think the Packers would give him a one-year deal. Ted says yes.

Nick Perry: This guy couldn’t produce on his first contract year, then got a prove it deal and proved it. He’s a force on the edge and a dominant bull rusher when healthy, which unfortunately hasn’t been often enough. Some team will see the flash and ignore the injury history, paying him a premium. Good for Nick. Ted says no.

JC Tretter: No doubt this dude can ball out, but the best ability is availability. If he had never been hurt, he probably would have been kept (quite possibly as Lang’s replacement). Some team that doesn’t care about injuries as much (i.e., has a stupid GM) will pay more that Ted. Ted says no.

Ok, tampering is switched to on, let’s see what happens!

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