Happy Ted Thompson Day!

Today is that magical day in the league year where free agents truly become free – any player signed beginning today does not count in the compensatory pick formula!

Have at it, Ted, if you aren’t still wore out and hung over from all those other free agent signings – the buffet awaits. Listen to the fans and go get Nick Mangold and LeGarrette Blount and Ryan Clady – they’re our ticket to the Super Bowl!

OverTheCap.com says we’re in line for a 3, 5, and a couple 6’s in the 2018 draft as comp picks from all our losses this year. That’s quite a haul you’ve amassed, Ted, but nothing else that happens this year will impact the formula, so go sign everybody!

Actually, given all the UDFA and tryout moves, we’d be surprised if Ted picked up more than one guy. Right now, Elvis Dumervil seems to be the rumor-du-jour for that one guy, but who really every knows what Ted’s actually going to do (or if it’s even Ted anymore)?

If nothing else, this occasion should make the radio blabberfaces more ridiculous… which is entertaining?

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