Hello Junk, Goodbye Aaron Rodgers.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to such an incredible player, especially a 4 time MVP, Super Bowl winning quarterback. 

Father time is however, undefeated.

Just like with Brett Favre, AR12’s time has come to move on…

To the Jets. 

Why the time is right.

Aaron Rodgers is basically 90 in football years. His play has been decent, but his last 4 years have not been as statistically impressive as the 4 years before. Add in his lack of mobility and more injuries than the cast of Jackass, it just feels like it’s time to move on. Plus, he never really bought into La Fleur’s system. (More on this later)! 

Then there’s the contract extension. Aaron was set to make $68 MILLION if he stayed in Green Bay this year!! Packers are so broke, they basically ran a Go Fund Me to sign  Kesian Nixon. They absolutely can’t afford Aaron anymore. It was great deal for Rodgers and not a particularly awesome one for the Packers. 

With AR12 gone, the packers could have almost $56Million in cap space for next year and Mark Murphy can finally cancel his Only Fans account!

Now let’s talk about all the player contracts Green Bay signed because Rodgers took ol’ Gutey by the short and curlys and forced the Packers to resign, restructure or extend players they really shouldn’t have.

MAYBE if Rodgers and Co. took us on another deep playoff run, but that didn’t happen. 

Yes, I realize it takes all 11 on the field to move the ball, but just remember that Cobb was HIS dude, Tonyan was HIS dude, Lewis was HIS dude, Lazard was HIS dude… And they still couldn’t get it done. 

None of the aforementioned players are currently on the Packers roster for ‘23.

AR12’s Not a “La Fan”, of La Fluer. 

Last year it looked like Aaron Rodgers just never bothered to read through the playbook and did his own thing.

Don’t believe me? Watch any game from Matt’s first year as head coach and any game from last year. Aaron changes the play or individual routes more often than not, eliminating motion (a key component to La Fleur’s offense), from the play and making the offense look pretty 1-dimensional. Sometimes just plain predictable. 

Look, If Romo can predict your plays? Well its Romo and he’s pretty good at that stuff. So that’s acceptable. 

If I can predict your plays!? Load your offense on a spaceX rocket and visit the sun. 

In summary. 

No Aaron means the packers have tons of cap space for ‘24. 

No Aaron means the packers were able to clear their roster of subpar performers they should have parted ways with a while ago. 

No Aaron means we finally get to see La Fluer’s offense as its meant to be. 

Don’t forget the Draft!!

Packers swapped first round picks with the Jets, moving up from 15th to 13th. That’s striking distance to either a premium receiver, (of which there are very few), or a Pass rush guy (Edge DL).

Packers also received an additional early second round pick.  Giving them two or possibly more 2nd round picks if they trade down in the first. 

There is more to the trade than what I’ve mentioned, look around and I’m sure you’ll find writers going on ad nauseam on the subject. 

Don’t allow me to disillusion you to the greatness that is Aaron Rodgers.  The man is going to go down as an absolute legend.  And twenty years from now we will all still be marveling at his accolades.

The time is right for both parties to move on.

Yes. I would have loved him to retire a Packer. But hey, it wouldn’t feel right if the Jets didn’t get a chance at some Packers scraps.

This is the Real Junk McGee signing out.

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