Packers Mock Draft 12 – Offensive Line Early

In light of the Packers draft-rocking trade of Aaron Rodgers, we’ll be doing a series of three round mock drafts to see how the new pick positions might impact the Packers at the top of the draft.

As a reminder, our mock drafts aren’t a prediction or even who we’d like to see picked – they are a chance to look at different simulations to see which prospects might be available when the Packers are up to pick.

In this case, offensive line showed a lot of value. 

Here are the results:


Round 1

Paris Johnson – Left Tackle

Profile: Huge and athletic, the 6’6, 315 Johnson has unlimited potential. Still developing hand work and strength, but is otherwise a dominant blocker with great feet and movement to hit the second level. Uses long arms to keep blockers at bay and finishes with authority. Also a high character prospect with lots of volunteer work for underprivileged kids.

Analysis: The Packers aren’t sure how effective David Bakhtiari will be this year, but they are sure his contract is unmanageable for next year. He probably doesn’t have more than a year at most left with the team and left tackle prospects don’t drop past 10 very often. Packers have bigger needs, but might not find a better value.


Round 2

John Michael Schmitz  – Center

Profile: A big interior presence at 6’4, 320, JMS uses has a strong anchor and wins with hand placement. He’s not a dynamic athlete, but uses his wrestling background to beat opponents with leverage. He’s already 24, so may be close to his ceiling, but it’s not a low ceiling and he turned in one of the better Senior Bowl performances among offensive linemen.

Analysis: Josh Myers has been inconsistent and the Packers need a strong line if they want their young quarterback to be successful.


Darnell Washington – Tight End

Profile: Another prospect with unlimited potential, the 6’7, 265 Washington is a powerful blocker from inline sets and can move to get out and block in space. His receiving skills are still developing, but his athleticism breeds optimism that he will become a valuable receiver.

Analysis: There were a surprising number of wide receivers and tight ends still available here in this simulation. The Packers might have a slightly bigger need at tight end, so I went with Washington. His potential is sky high and he’s been a mock draft riser lately, but this might be a realistic spot with good value.


Round 3

Trey Palmer – Wide Receiver

Profile: Fast (4.33) with solid size at 6’1, 190, Palmer blew past the field during Senior Bowl practices, which could make him a late riser. His route running is still improving, but he can get deep and make big plays. He played a lot in the slot and didn’t face a lot of press coverage, leading to questions about strength.

Analysis: The wide receiver talent dried up quickly after I took Darnell Washington. I was hoping for better receiver value, but Palmer is a nice consolation prize. He has solid height and plays at a speed that will help Jordan Love. His familiarity with the slot position will make him a seamless fit on the Packers offense.




The Packers get some really high-potential guys in Johnson and Washington, who could grow into stars. Adding John Michael-Schmitz with those guys gives the offense a few upgrades in the blocking department.

Getting Trey Palmer is a nice way to bring some spark to the offense, though the defense was neglected early in this simulation.


Of Note

Rashee Rice, who could have been a fantastic round 3 value at wide receiver, went to the Rams one pick before the Packers 

For this mock, I drafted against the board from Steve Shoup from FanSpeak.


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