I Don’t Know, What Do You Do With Eddie Lacy?

I’ll start by saying this: I love Eddie Lacy. I love having him on the team, I love the way he plays, I love that he doesn’t whip his children bloody (as far as I know).

He has a combination of power and elusiveness that I’ve never seen, not even in Jerome Bettis. Dude is build like a 1960’s nose tackle, but hurdle defenders.

I love how he can patiently wait for a hole to open and then, in two steps, be at full power to straight up truck someone. Oh, and i love the move, you know the one, where he gets in the open field and throws a stutter step to get a defender off balance, then, blammo, just plows him over. Ha ha, sucker, you thought i was gonna cut!? No, I’m gonna leave tread marks on your candy #ss! And then I really love when some linebacker gets all puffy chested like they’re gonna stand up to Big Ed’s power in the hole and then he hits the circle button and leaves them looking silly. That’s the best!

He’s a one man wrecking crew, instant offense. In 2013, he carried the team to a division title (the Bears broke Rodgers collarbone in October and still couldn’t win the division, ha!). He carried the team all by himself.

And that’s the problem.

I don’t know if I want him back.

He’s a generational talent, but I don’t know if he fits. I feel like if he gets the ball 25 times a game, he’ll dominate. Unfortunately, I feel like if Rodgers has to hand off 25 times a game, he’ll get out of rhythm like he did in early 2016. Once Lacy was out, the offense hummed with Monty (a far lesser back) getting 10-ish carries a game with a quicker tempo. I feel like the offense can’t flow if they run that much.

So do you try to re-sign him or not? He’s great in bad weather, but so is Rodgers. It would be a great combo with a hybrid back like Monty, but only if they ran even more.

I don’t know if Rodgers and the receiving core can sustain a rhythm like that.

I’m totally torn. What would you do? Comment below.

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