Is There Any Truth To The Christian Barmore Rumor?

Christian Barmore is widely regarded as the top defensive line prospect in this year’s draft and is one of my top draft crushes for this year.

The Packers have a huge gaping need at defensive line… again.

In any other year, it would seem silly to think the top defensive lineman in the draft could fall all the way to 29, but there are some whispers that he could fall that far.

Part of the reason is because of all the quarterbacks, wide receivers, cornerbacks, and offensive linemen that are expected to go early.

Part of the reason is because he’s coming out early and was a bit of a late bloomer. Some teams aren’t willing to be their 1st round pick on a guy who really only dominated for half a season (in a year when top players sat out).

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And another part of the reason, perhaps the biggest part, is because of some recent rumors that he “isn’t coachable.”

Here’s the quote that a lot of people are talking about:

“I’ve thrown my hat and my sunglasses, and at one point I’m sitting there like, ‘Do this,’ and [Barmore]’s doing something else. To the point where another person said, ‘You’re not doing that,’ and [Barmore] looked at both of us like, ‘What?’ So I tried it one more time, and then when he didn’t do it that time I picked up my glasses and my visor and I walked off. I didn’t say another word to anybody. I just left.”

It sounds pretty bad.

This guy is so frustrated with Barmore that he threw his hat and sunglasses. Then he got so angry that he just left.

Wow, that must have been bad, right?

Well do you know who said this?

Warren Sapp.

Yeah, Warren Sapp threw a temper tantrum, threw his things, then left.

That’s how Barmore is getting a “not coachable” label.

Do you put any stock into what Warren Sapp thinks of someone’s coachability?

I don’t.

I don’t think any team’s talent evaluators do, either.

Maybe Barmore isn’t coachable, but that’s why scouts talk to Barmore’s coaches, his teammates, his high school rivals, his grandma, and anyone else they can track down.

Those are the people who would know.

Not Warren Sapp, who met the kid once and threw a hissy fit.

But Warren Sapp is the only one in the news for saying Barmore isn’t coachable… and we all know how much Warren Sapp loves being in the news.

So I don’t buy it.

I don’t have any inside information, so I’m not gonna let Warren Sapp change my mind.

Barmore is a stud and the Packers would be lucky to get him.

Here’s a link to the article with the full story if you want to see more of Sapp’s crybaby nonsense: Will Christian Barmore Fall Out Of The First Round?

This is just another smokescreen game being played before the draft.


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