Packers Fan Draft Challenge 2021

I love the draft. It’s so fun. I love learning from it.

But I hate revisionist history.

I follow along and make my picks, but I also write them down right away so that I don’t forget what I felt in the moment and end up “remembering” things differently. You can check my work from last year.

If you want to flex your armchair GM skills, here’s you chance!

When the Packers pick comes up, DM me on Twitter: @PackersForTheWn who you would have selected.

That’s it.

But, you have to do it for every pick. And when the Packers make a trade, you have the option of taking it (and picking where they picked) or not taking it (and picking at the original picks).

But you have to do every pick.

Then, I’ll publish your draft results here with everyone else and you can look back and show everyone how great you are (or look back and learn from your mistakes).

It’s that simple, just DM me on Twitter with each pick – as it happens and before the next pick comes in.

Happy drafting!


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