Like I Need Another Reason To Love Bakhtiari

When a 4th round pick becomes the best pass blocker in the league (through well-documented hard work in the offseasons), I love it.

When he guards my QB’s blindside, I love it even more.

The hair? The obsession with the number 69? The stunning resemblance to a Dothraki Khal?


But now he took it to another level.

He showed up to training camp with a wrestling-style championship belt. The team has seen a similar belt in the past, but this one is different. This one is a travelling belt for the winner of the daily one-on-one run blocking battles between the offensive and defensive linemen.

Way to ramp up the competition, DBak!

You can see more on his Instagram.

He even trolls Mike Daniels with hashtags like #weaintatComiconanymore.

Stuff like that is how you move up the list towards becoming my favorite player.

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