Jon Ryan Can Still Entertain Packer Fans During Nonsense Analysis Season

I loved Jon Ryan as the Packers punter and was sad when we inexplicably dumped him (I also loathed him as a member of the Seahawks and, no, I will not recount any specific play).

He popped up in the news with more entertainment now.

Since camps are just getting started, there’s not a lot of contact, and it’s really impossible to tell anything, media outlets like the NFL Network are reaching for all kinds of stories.

One of the silly segments they recently did went through the Seahawks schedule game by game trying to predict what they will do each week.

The fact that this is being done in July makes it laughable.

But even funnier is that Jon Ryan pointed out something hilarious on twitter: they were using last year’s schedule.

The NFL.

Last year’s schedule.

They make such a circus out of unveiling the schedule (which is all our fault for caring – the NFL schedule release is actually more popular than the world series, probably), you’d think they’d know what it is… or at least how to Google it. Oh well, it least it gave us something to make fun of.

Thanks for the laugh, Jon – you can stop being a Seahawk now.


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