Many Ways Of Looking At The Savage Move

With a young GM, every move gets magnified in terms of assessing his style and success. 

The move up for Darnell Savage is a tough one to assess, There’s a lot of ways to look at it in terms of value and whether or not it was a good pick. Here’s just some of them:


One: Trade Value One way to look at it is to simply use a trade value chart like DraftTek. Packers got a pick worth 800 points. They gave up picks worth 620, 66, and 58. 800 > 744. Simple math, Packers win.

Two: Value In Class Another way to look at it is that the Packers gave up two 4th round picks, in a draft with a lot of talent in the 4th round, in a year they need to build out the middle of the roster, to move up and take a Safety, when no Safeties had been drafted yet. That makes it feel a little less like a sure thing.

Three: Big Picture, Free Picks Still another way of looking at it is the 1st they gave up was free from taking Jaire Alexander last year and the 4th was free from fleecing Washington to get rid of HaHa Clinton-Dix, so really, this was like getting Darnell Savage for a 4th round pick. That certainly seems like a great deal.

Four: A GM With Conviction A fourth way to look at the move is that Gutey had a guy he liked and did what it took to get him. That kind of boldness can be seen as a positive.

Five: The GM Is Desperate That kind of boldness has a flip side as well. Yet another of looking at it is that Gutey is desperate if has to move up to get players all the time instead of waiting to see what value is available when his pick comes up.


So what’s the right answer? None of them, really. All of them to a degree. This is just another chance to learn more about how our new GM handles things.

It’s one piece of a giant equation that will span years to figure out. Are his draft moves more Ron Wolf or Mike Sherman? We won’t know for at least a few more years.

In the mean time, it’s fun to dissect the approach our young GM is taking.


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