Oh No, We Cut Starks
< /sarcasm >

I loved James Starks when he was a rookie and came out of nowhere to supply a much-needed ground game (you know, the kind you can’t get from Brandon Jackson) that contributed greatly to a Super Bowl season.

Since then, however, he’s been just a guy. He was a solid slashing complement to Eddie Lacy for a couple years (even if I don’t quite understand how and why they were switched out in-game) and then just turned into a total turd in 2016. He couldn’t catch for sh!t and avoided holes like Matt Ryan avoids Super Bowl-losing sacks (never mind, bad comparison).

I don’t know what happened, maybe he lost a step, maybe he didn’t try as hard as a backup as he did when he was a hungry rookie on a crazy momentum season, or maybe he just hit the wall (figuratively). Either way, it was clear before his accident that he was pretty much done in green and gold, on the field if not on the roster.

He seemed like a nice guy though, so I wish him luck. As I say whenever a Packer is cut: on to Minnesota.

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