Pats Win, Packer Fans Call For 31 GM and Coach Firings

If you ain’t first, yer last!


Ask any normal Packer fan (or Ricky Bobby’s dad) and they’ll tell you: the only thing that matters is winning championships. Actually, make that Super Bowls, because conference championships don’t matter, either.


Going to conference championships two out of three years (and being a play away the other year), means about as much as going to the playoffs eight times in a row (only one away from the all time record): absolutely nothing!


If you can’t win the Super Bowl, you should be fired! Even if you won before, but you didn’t win this year, you should be fired!


It’s called accountability.


So it only stands to reason that 31 teams should all be handing out giant cases of pink slips right about now. Got a great talent evaluator? Fire him! Got a coach that players respond to? Fire him! Got a program that won five six years ago and has been in constant contention ever since? Fire them! Go to the Super Bowl, dominate most of the game, then lose in overtime? Fire everybody!


Everybody fire everybody! Except the Patriots… for now…


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