Packers 2019 Draft Time Capsule

Every year, we talk about what we thought of past moves. Sometimes revisionist history comes into play. We can’t really learn from the past without a clear picture of what the past actually was.

So, to give us a good guide for the future, we’re documenting all the things that happened in the 2019 draft and how we reacted so we can look back in the future and remember with clarity.


Round 1, Pick 12: Rashan Gary  

It really sucked to watch Josh Allen, TJ Hockenson, and Ed Oliver – all favorite targets for the Packers – go off the board consecutively at picks 7, 8, and 9. but Brian Burns, the last of the big fan favorites made it to 12.

And the Packers took Rashan Gary.

The fan base was split maybe 45-45 on “He didn’t produce, is injured, doesn’t have a true position, and is a big risk” and “We won’t know until he plays, let’s hope for the best” (which are very similar opinions, imo), with maybe 10% feeling that he was truly going to be a beast.

It was later revealed that the Packers fell in love with and locked on to Gary in February, which was… interesting.


Round 1, Pick 21: Darnell Savage

The Packers had been rumored to be trying to move up from 30 all day. The rumors were right – the Packers traded two 4th rounders to move up from 30 to 21 to take Darnell Savage.

Pretty much everyone liked the player, but the discussion was around if it was a good move. We examined multiple ways of looking at it and the results were largely mixed.

Some fans felt moving down from 30 to add more picks was a better move given the talent plateau, others wanted to keep all the picks and just see who fell to 30, while others still simply felt that two 4ths was “nothing.”

There wasn’t a lot of Packers buzz for Savage leading up to the draft and no one predicted he would be the first defensive back off the board, but many fans see to think that – because we moved up for him – that he is the next Early Thomas or Nick Collins. They have faith in Gutey on this one and Savage is consistently rated as the pick people are most excited about.


Round 2, Pick 44: Elgton Jenkins

No one really seemed to see this pick coming, but fans seemed to be pretty happy with it. I got the impression people just wanted to protect Rodgers, even if Jenkins wasn’t a guy they had in mind.

There were some grumblings along the lines of “but Cole Madison is back, why take someone who isn’t going to play” and “why aren’t we getting a receiver – Rodgers needs someone to throw to,” but they were in the minority, for sure.

Once the pick was made and people learned that he was PFF’s number one rated interior offensive lineman and had only allowed one sack over 1,700 snaps the previous two years, people felt pretty good. The fact that he can play anywhere along the line and has an elite RAS score was in line with the rest of the picks, as well. 


Round 3, Pick 75: Jace Sternberger

This may be the pick that has fans universally most excited. Analysts see him as a great value that may have went earlier in a year without so much Tight End talent. Some questions about his college experience are outweighed by the excitement around his pass catching ability (and run after the catch ability). People have high expectations for Jace as a receiver.


Round 5, Pick 150: Kingsley Keke

Kinglsey is seen as one of the steals of this draft class. Unique athleticism and pass rush ability has poeple thinking he can be an immediate contributor and potential Mike Daniels replacement. Analysts touted him as a steal and fans universally loved the pick as well.


Round 6, Pick 185: Ka’dar Hollman

This was a pick no one had on their radar, but once people dove in, they liked what they saw from a talent perspective. He has a great try hard story and is expected to be a solid depth option.


Round 6, Pick 194: Dexter Williams

There is definitely some baggage, but Williams seems like a good scheme fit based on his experience in zone running. Expectations range from starter to solid rotational guy.


Round 7, Pick 226: Ty Summers

Fans wanted a new Linebacker and they got one. He looks like a role player to fill a thumper role, but some Martinez haters are already penciling Ty in for a roster spot over Blake.


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