Packers 2019 Mock Draft 24 – Complementary Edging

I believe that the Packers biggest need is Edge rusher. I believe that the Packers second biggest need is another Edge rusher. One temptation in drafts to just draft in order of needs. Another temptation is to just take the best player available. However, when need meets value, especially at the top of the draft, everyone feels good.

That’s what happened with our 24th mock draft of 2019!.

Here’s the results:


Round 1

Clelin Ferrell (Edge) Clelin Ferrell not a flashy pick, but the safest Edge player in the class. He’s close to his ceiling, but the good news is that is his floor is right there, too.

Brian Burns (Edge) At 30, I could have went with TJ Hockenson, but I’m trying to avoid it. I love Hock and think he would be a great fit for LaFLeur’s offense, but the more I think about it and look at history, the harder of a time I have accepting a TE with a 1st round pick. I could have went with skill guys like Josh Jacobs or Deebo Samuel (who is creeping into the 1st in some mocks), but couldn’t lay off Brian Burns. He’s a little undersized, but he might be the most athletic Edge in the draft.


Round 2

Josh Jacobs (RB) Lots of good offensive linemen here (Risner, Cajuste, Jenkins, Bradbury, on and on), so I can’t really justify taking one. I’m set at the biggest need of Edge and the top corners have all gone. I’m tempted to take a safety here, but I go offense instead. My draft crush Deebo Samuels is here, but I’m not sure how much LaFleur will use a slot receiver based on his work in Atlanta and Tennessee. What I do know is that he will use multiple backs. I go with Josh Jacobs because I believe he is hands down the best running back in the class. A compact, small back that just seems to slip out of attempted tackles, I’d love to see him paired with Aaron Jones.


Round 3

D’Andre Walker (ILB) – Contining to bulk up the defense with D’Andre Walker. At 6’2 240, he’s a really good run defender who plays with leverage. Pass rushing isn’t his strength, but he can keep his pads low and get into the backfield. Some scouts think he could fit as a 4-3 OLB, so his versatilty should be valuable.


Round 4

Nate Davis (RT/G) – The 4th round is the sweet spot for Offensive Line and not just because of Ted’s history – it’s the way this class falls. There’s a lot of good zone blocking lineman. The run on them seems to start after the Packers’s 3rd round pick and there’s always at least one left over by the time their 4th round picks roll around. Nate Davis played tackle in college, but at 6’3 311, seems like a better fit inside in the pros. He showed good feet  in space and an ability to get to second level. Even though he’s a power blocker, he showed enough athleticism for zone blocking and would be intriguing for Green Bay.

DeMarkus Lodge (WR) With the second pick in the rounds, I rook DeMarkus Lodge. He has good size at 6’2 200 and uses it to be a really effective blockers. With his good release, he could be a productive outside receiver in this offense. He’s one of my favorite mid-round receiver options. 


Round 5

Dax Raymond (TE) – At 6’5 260, Dax Raymond functions like a big bodied receiver. He’s not really explosive, more of lumbering beast that tough to bring down. He has good catch radius and can take hits without dropping the ball, but he’s not much of a blocker. He needs some work on blocking, but shows the toughness and willingness to improve. If he does that, he can be a really solid all-around tight end.


Round 6

Jimmy Moreland (CB) In the 6th round, Jimmy Moreland is a guy I have a hard time laying off. He’s only 5-10, 179 and went to a small school, but showed he can compete with big school talent the Senior Bowl. In addition to his gaudy stats as a cornerback, I love his special teams production, which included 6 blocked kicks – we could use some special teams help.

Alize Mack (TE) With second pick in the round, I took developmental Tight End Alize Mack. He runs smooth routes and has good speed. Great at contested catches, he don’t necessarily get a lot of yards after catch. He’s not a powerhouse, but at 6’4, he’s a decent positional blocker. I think LaFleur will use multiple TE sets and Graham can’t be out there for all of them


Round 7

Joe Giles-Harris (ILB) I can’t see any realistic way that Joe Giles-Harris falls to seven, but if he does, it will be from concerns over his knee injury that ended his season in early November. He’s a very smart player that processes quickly and finishes tackles. A tough presences at 6’2 240, he can blitz and cover. Some people felt he may have been the best player in the ACC before his injury.



Ferrell and Burns could be an amazing thunder and lightning tandem for years to come and would immediately transform the defense.

On the other side, getting Jacobs and Lodge could transform the offense. I think one of the big changes to the offense will be the use of Tight Ends, though.

I missed out on the top Tight Ends, they went quicker than usual (which may happen in real life). Coming up with Raymond and Mack would give the team a couple solid prospects to work into role in multi-TE sets.

I like Moreland and Giles-Harris as late round picks who could pay big dividends, but I also love their special teams abilities.


Of Note

  • I saw a board that put Nick Bosa 3rd – I don’t mean he fell to third, I mean the NFL Mock board actually ranks him as the 3rd best prospect, which I think is silly.
  • Of couse Nick Bosa still went first
  • Dre’mont Jones went second overall – I haven’t see that before and wouldn’t expect it


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