Why The Packers Should and Shouldn’t Pursue Antonio Brown

Packer fans seem pretty divided on the issue of whether or not to pursue Antonio Brown, who the Steelers have agreed to entertain trade offers for.

Let’s look at the positives and negatives and list all the reasons why the Packer should pursue him and why they should not pursue him:


  • He makes a truckload of money and is now talking about how only teams with even more money should bother pursuing him
  • He’s a known locker room headache
  • He’s going to be 31 before the season starts, an age at which wide receivers are prone to break down
  • When he turned 30 last year, his yards per catch dropped from 15.2 in 2017 to 12.5 in 2018, lending credence to the fact that he may be slowing down
  • His yards per season have dropped by over 300 yards per year during the last three years compared to the previous three years, again indicating he may be slowing down
  • Did I mention receivers slow down in their 30’s, like have you ever watched football?
  • At 5’10, 185, he doesn’t have a body that allows him to use his frame to compensate for waning speed and agility (required for crisp route running) in his 30’s like Brandon Marshall or Jordy Nelson
  • His social media activities indicate a mid-life crisis
  • He would require giving up a draft pick that would likely result in a solid long-term starter on a cheap contract at a position of need for a team that lack depth



  • His name is Antonio Brown
  • You liked him in fantasy football that one year
  • He’s not 32… yet


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