Packers 2019 Mock Draft 4 – Versatility Up Front

Yes, we’re gonna do a bunch of these. For the most part, I’m sticking to what I would like to see the Packers do based on their needs marrying to the value on the board.

Here are the results of our 4th attempt at this:



Round 1

Another tough start with a lot of Edge off the board early. Ed Oliver and Quinnen Williams were both gone by 12 as well, so I took Rashan Gary this time.

Strong and quick, I see him as more of a Defensive Lineman with the ability to play some Edge. He doesn’t seem to have the bend I’d like for a full-time Edge threat, but he’s an intriguing prospect that gives versatility to the front 7 and will make an impact one way or another.

At the end of the round, I was lucky to find Brian Burns at 30. He has as much potential as any Edge rusher in this class, but he’s limited by his thin frame at 6’5″ 230. He will need to add size and strength to become a true beast and his combine will tell us a lot about where he will land in the draft. Overall, I love the potential of his athleticism and quickness.


Round 2

I try not to take too many trades in the mocks became I want a better idea of where things will pan out. The Browns offered me pick 16 in the 3rd if I’d move from 12 to 17 in the 2nd. Normally, I’d be all over this, but I wanted to play this one a little straighter and stay put since my board was getting picked apart.

I stayed at got Dalton Risner. I love him as a RG and am optimistic he can fill in at RT when Bulaga is inevitably hurt. That’s huge versatility for a guy with the footwork to fit the new zone blocking scheme.


Round 3

I straight up stole TJ Hockenson. I think he’s the most complete tight end coming out and he’ll be an immediate upgrade over Jimmy Graham.


Round 4

I took Garret Brumfield at 12 because I think he can also fill out the interior line depth and take over at RG when Risner slides over to fill in for Bulaga. The tandem could be a long-term solution on the side.

With pick 16 (from the Redskins), I reached a bit for unheralded Ugo Amani. Fluid in space, he doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses and I see him as a low basement prospect. He’s not great in man coverage, but can be a good center fielder. He probably would have been available later, but I wanted to grab him before my mock was up.


Rounds 5-7

I’m doing most of my analysis on the top half and will start digging deeper as time goes on.



I like the versatility that Gary and Burns bring to the front lines. Risner and Brumfield go a long way to shoring up the right side of the offensive line and Hockenson is a great weapon for Rodgers. Amadi was a slight reach, but the safeties dried up quick in this one, meaning free agency may be the best option.


Of Note

Interesting things I noticed in this mock:

  • DL Derrick Brown went 5 overall – he usually hasn’t been that high
  • OT Trey Adams was the first OT at 7 overall – it’s almost always Jonah Williams as the first OT
  • Two Safeties went top 15: Deionte Thompson (9) and Nassir Adderly (14) and 3 more went in the 2nd round – I havent seen safeties move like that in any other mocks


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