Enough of This Devin White Nonsense

The Packers are picking in the top 12 for the first time in a decade and a lot of fans seem to want to use the pick on LSU ILB Devin White.

I’m not one of them.

Why? Well, there’s lots of reasons.

I’m not saying he isn’t good or I think he’s an all-around terrible player, but there’s a number of things I don’t like.

Devin White’s Tackling Form Is #ss

Start by watching this highlight film:

See that tackling form? He’s a grabby arm-tackler – he’s trying to leverage ball carriers to the ground using just his upper body.

That’s terrible and it won’t fly in the NFL.

The worst thing is, this isn’t clips showcasing his bad plays, this is his freaking highlight film! This is the best they have to show on him!

Can he get better?


But do I want to use my premium #12 overall pick to bet on a guy whose primary job is to tackle and then just hope he gets better better at tackling?


Inside Linebacker Is Devalued As A Position

It’s a passing league and you want pass rushers and coverage guys as your top talents.

ILB is the least helpful defensive position in terms of defending the pass.

But Look At Luke Kuechley And Bobby Wagner

Yeah, look at the two top players at any position in the league. But here’s a question: who’s the third best ILB in the league?

At any other defensive position, it’s easy to rattle off three difference makers that have more impact.

Blake Martinez Isn’t Bad

PFF rated him as the #17 overall inside linebacker with a grade of 74.8 (which rates him as Above Average)

Can you do better?


But do you need to?

Do you really need to?

Did you just watch games last year and say man, our pass rush is great and our safeties are killing it, I just wish we had better inside linebackers?

No. No, you did not.

He Just Isn’t Worth It

In most mock drafts and big boards, there’s a talent shelf around 15 and Devin White is on the wrong side of it (check out our PFTW 2019 Mock Draft Archive to learn more about how that’s been going).

At the end of the day, no matter how you look at it, there’s 12 better players in this draft than Devin White.

He’s just not worth the 12th overall pick.

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