Packers 2019 Mock Draft 5 – Total Utopia

I take the draft pretty seriously. I love doing mocks to try to see who the Packers may pick or could pick. This one is a little different.

As I’ve gone through the mock drafts and board, I noticed there was one that I hate: DraftUtopia. Now, I’m sure they’re fine people and they didn’t make lewd remarks to my sister or anything like that, but they don’t value players the way I do… or the way most other boards do.

So I decided to have some fun.

I took advantage of their terrible ratings and tried to see what kind of amazingly unrealistic super-draft I could put together. I gamed the board by looking at how they rank players and waiting to take guys I wanted that I knew would go later.

I want to issue this disclaimer: I do not think this draft take is possible. I strive for some reality in my mocks, but I don’t think this one is even remotely realistic.

This is a total sham of a mock.

But it sure is fun to dream…



Round 1

I want Edge at the top in every mock, but I know that Polite and Burns, top 5 Edge guys who are both in play at 12, are ranked super low, so I let them go and take Ed Oliver, who may be the best player in the draft.

At 30, I went with Devin White, the hands-down top inside linebacker in the draft. Now, if you know me, you know all the reasons I don’t want Devin White at 12… but at 30 (and knowing my edge needs can be filled later), I jump on him.


Round 2

The Chargers offered me a trade  to move from 12 to 28 in the second and I could pick up the 27th pick in the 3rd round and the 28th pick in the 4th round. Knowing there would be a lot of talent (because I’m watching their board), I took the trade.

When it finally came time to my selection, Jachai Polite, a potential top 10 pick, was still there (hahaha).


Round 3

With the 12th pick in the 3rd, I took Nassir Adderly, my top safety and with the 27th pick, I took Brian Burns, who will almost certainly be a first round pick and someone the Packers may target at 12.


Round 4

With the 12th pick in the 4th, I got DK Metcalf, who may be the best receiver in the draft. At 6′”4 230, he’s a physical freak and has all the speed and route running ability in the world to go with the hands to make circus catches. He had a neck injury last year (which is not expected to limit him), but still has no business falling this low.

Four slots later, I grabbed Garrett Brumfield, one of the top guards in the class with no glaring weaknesses at all.

Towards the end of the round, the top tight ends had finally gone, so I grabbed Jace Sternberger (who DraftUtopia misspelled it as Jake) – this is probably the first guy who isn’t totally polished and probably the only pick so far that hasn’t been mocking in the first round. Still good value and could easily be an opening day starter.


Round 5

In the 5th, I grabbed Dennis Daley, a super powerful blocker. He’s had some minor issues with elitely athletic edge rushers, but he’s shown more than enough athleticism to run the new zone blocking system. He could be a viable starter if Bulaga is hurt or he could push him to get cut with a strong camp.


Round 6

With the 12th pick in the 6th round, I finally took someone that I don’t think will start Day 1. Brett Rypien is a very clean, technical QB without the size or strength you want in a franchise leader. To me, he feels like a dependable long-term back up in the mold of Matt Flynn and (like everyone else I picked) I don’t think he will last nearly this long.

With the 28th pick in the round (courtesy of Brett Hundley) I grabbed Tight End Matt Sokol. He won’t be a game-breaking freak, but he’s a decent blocker and receiver and I think he will be a nice platoon player in a position group that could use an infusion.


Round 7

With the 7th round pick, I took Kicker Cole Tracey. I love Mason Crosby, but let’s be honest: dude missed a lot of kicks… indoors… he’s had slights before but not at age 35. I’ll be honest and say that my board was pretty dried up (I haven’t run an analyzed mock beyond round 4 yet), but really, why not bring the old man some competition during a season that looks ripe for a youth movement, especially in a draft that has already secured more talent that will ever be humanly possible?




That pretty much sums up my whole take on this.

I got the #1 DL, the #1 LB, the #1 S, and the #1 WR on my bord to go with 2 of the top 5 Edges. That’s 6 guys who could all go top 15 and would walk in and start with Pro Bowl aspirations on day one.

I also got a new starter for RT, RG, TE, and maybe Kicker.

That’s 10 starters to with a backup QB.


Teams only get 7 picks to start a draft, coming away with 10 starters, let alone 6 bona-fide studs, is beyond a pipe dream. I can’t even use words to explain how ridiculous it is.

If this draft happens, I will sell everything I own to bet on the Packers Super Bowl.

I hope you enjoyed this break from reality.

Happy Friday!


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