Packers 2019 Mock Draft 7 – Trench Warfare

Time for another mock draft! Boards are starting to get updated with some Senior Bowl results, which is exciting. They’ll probably evolve over the next couple of weeks as the practice film is all absorbed.

Some standout players have already started to move and here’s the resulting draft:



Round 1

Ferrell, Polite, and Burns are all available, which means I could take the top corner (Greedy Williams and Byron Murphy are both available) and try to grab one later, but since I’d love to double up anyway, I go with who I consider to be the safest bet in Clelin Ferrell.

Right after I took Ferrell, Polite went off the board with the next pick, but no other Edge player was taken before 30, so I was able to snatch up Brian Burns. With his physical skills, Burns could eventually pass Ferrell in productivity, but I’m thrilled to have them both.


Round 2

This is always the hardest pick because there is so much value and it all seems to dry up by the time the 3rd round rolls around. Tight End, Safety, and Guard could all be addressed here.

With my first two picks spent on defense, I grabbed Dalton Risner. I hate taking any offensive line spot except Left Tackle this high, but I’m really getting a draft crush on him. He can start off at RG, then move over to RT when Bulaga is hurt/cut/retired. Either way, I’m here for this:


Round 3

The third is always the toughest round. It feels like we drop off a cliff after the second round pick and I have to hope someone slips through.

This time, Garrett Badbury slipped through. He’s a great interior swing player with experience at center. Smart and technically sounds, he makes up for his lack of road-grading strength with great feet and mobility, making him perfect for the new zone blocking scheme. Watch this movement off the snap from the center position:


Round 4

With the first 4th round pick, I took safety Darnell Savage. I’ve been high on him if the position isn’t addressed earlier, but after his strong Senior Bowl showing (where he was named best Defensive Back), I’m liking him even more to add some teeth to the back end of the defense.

With the second 4th rounder, I took a flyer on Penny Hart. An undersized receiver, his stock boosted with a strong Senior Bowl showing where he looked virtually unguardable from the slot. I could go for this in the slot next to Davante:


Rounds 5-7

I’m doing most of my analysis on the top half and will start digging deeper as time goes on.



Getting an Edge tandem like Ferrell and Burns would make any draft a smashing success in my book as it will launch this defense to the next level. A well-rounded safety like Savage can step in as an immediate starter and stabilize the back-end.

On offense, Risner and Bradbury could both find a way to start, but even if they aren’t both in the lineup week 1, they will get work somewhere in the season and it could have a huge impact on the offense. Hart is a shiny toy that can break a game open with a big play if a slot corner blinks.

This draft (so far) left Tight End unaddressed and didn’t bring any depth competition to Linebacker, Defensive Line, or Cornerback. With the upgrades on defense, those last ones don’t bother me, but Tight End is a must.


Of Note

  • Nick Bosa slipped to 3rd again (this time behind Quinnen Williams and Montez Sweat).
  • Devin White went 9th – the earliest I’ve seen him go yet.
  • With the 12th pick in the 2nd round, I routinely get an offer from the Texans for the 21st and 23rd picks in the round. According to most draft charts, this is 720-460 in favor of the Packers. I would jump all over it every time if I didn’t feel like it would make all my mocks look unrealistic. But if it does actually happen in April, I’m gonna be jacked.


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