Packers Draft Watch – 2018 Playoff Edition

The Packers are slotted to select 12th overall in the 2019 NFL Draft, but the playoffs will determine where their second 1st round pick will fall.

After wheeling and dealing in his first draft, Gutey came away with the Saints 1st rounder this year and that pick could be any of the following:

Pick 32: This is where the Packers will pick if the Saints win the Super Bowl. Aside from being the lowest possible pick, we’d also have to listen to obnoxious Saints fans compare Brees to Rogers and Favre based on “rings” like they’re a bunch of f*cking Patriots fans. This would make me sick.

Pick 31: This is where the Packers would pick if the Saints make it to the Super Bowl and lose, which might actually be kind of funny… unless it’s to the Patriots because then their fans would really be unbearable.

Pick 30: This is where the Packers would pick if the Saints win come off their bye, win their divisional matchup, and then lose the NFCCG. This could come against almost anyone in the NFC field: the Rams, Bears, Seahawks, and Cowboys are all possible matchups for the Saints in the NFCCG and the game would be played in New Orleans if it comes to that.

Pick 28: This is where the Packers would pick if the Saints come off their bye and get upset at home in the divisional round. Their possible opponents for this game are the Eagles, Cowboys, and Seahawks. For obvious reasons, I hate two of these teams, so I’m pulling for the Eagles to go on another miracle run.

So there’s still a little wiggle room for the Packers, but the good news is you don’t have to root for your favorite team to lose anymore!

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