Packers Draft Watch – 2018 Week 17

This is it, we’re almost there!

Sorry to all the tankers who like to lose, but the Packers beat the Jets this week, knocking themselves down four pegs. The Packers currently sit at position number 14 (which is where they started last year and that worked out just fine, so chill).

With a win against the Lions, the Packers could still slip a couple more spots and a loss has the potential to move them up .

The Packers are currently at spot 14…

If the Packers win:

  • A Dolphins loss at the Bills would drop the Packers a spot
  • A Redskins loss against the Eagles would drop the Packers a spot

That makes 16 as low as they could fall, since they have a weaker strength of schedule tie-breaker than the Browns. Given that the Eagles have a shot at the playoffs (all they need is a win and a Vikings loss to the Bears), a loss to the Redskins and whatever QB they march out this week seems unlikely. Bills-Dolphins is a division matchup with no playoff possibilities, so it’s a crapshoot (let’s just root for the home team).

If the Packers lose:

  • A Falcons win at the Buccaneers would move the Packers up a spot
  • A Panthers win at the Saints would move the Packers up a spot
  • A Broncos win against the Chargers would move the Packers up a spot
  • A Bengals win at the Steelers would move the Packers up a spot

This means the Packers could mathematially move into the top 10, but it’s always a tough bet hoping for bad teams to win at the end of the year.

It’s looking like the Packers position won’t move more than a spot or two in the last week, meaning 12 to 16 is the probably range. Here’s a sampling of guys who went around the range last year:

11 -Minkah Fitzpatrick

12 – Vita Vea

14 – Marcus Davenport

16 – Tremaine Edwards

17 – Derwin James

18 – Jaire Alexander

Those are some pretty solid picks that would be welcome additions to the 2019 Green Bay Packers.

I’m expecting a Packers win and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the Dolphins and Redskins lose. Give that, I expect us to be picking at 16.

I know a lot of you are in love with certain draft prospects and I know that you are positive that they won’t be available and blah blah blah, but look: last year we were all hoping Denzel Ward would fall and he didn’t.

But sh!t worked out just fine, didn’t it?

It’s not about drafting high, it’s about drafting well.

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