Preview and Predictions: Lions – 2018 Week 17

It’s finally here.

It’s finally time to put an end to the 2018 season.

Aaron’s World

Last week, I said the Packers would need Aaron Rodgers to take over if they were gonna win. They needed him to be the only player ever to throw for 400 yards and 2 touchdowns while also running for two touchdowns… so he did.

This week is pretty much the same thing. The Packers have a decent ground game, but it doesn’t work without the threat of Aaron Rodgers. Throw in a banged up line to go with all the skill position starters on IR and it’s the same story this week: If Aaron Rodgers is on, the Packers win. If not, it’s gonna be real hard for this MASH unit defense to carry the team.

Limping Defense

The defense is missing so many people, luckily the Lions are the Lions.

Detriot hasn’t passed for 300 yards since Week 2. Last week, they had 137, the week before was 208, before that, they passed for 96 yards against the Cardinals.

They’re terrible.

Sure, they’ve had some 100 yard rushing games, but consider this: with just Jamaal Williams and Aaron Rodgers, the Packers rushed for 127 yards last week – the Lions haven’t topped that since their 6th game of the year.

Even missing 8 or 9 of their preferred starters from the beginning of the year, the Packers D should be able to limit the Lions enough for Aaron Rodgers to outscore them.

Question of the Week


Davante Adams get 134 yards because Rodgers insists on it
Jamaal Williams gets another 100 yards combined
First play on offense will be a pump and go to Adams

Blake Martinez gets double digit tackles
An undrafted defensive back picks off Matt Stafford
Clay Matthews plays less than half the snaps again and no one notices (again)

Special Teams continues to be an utter embarassment to the Packers franchise, the game of football, and all of mankind

Packers 31, Lions 20

Aaron Rodgers will want to go out with a bang and the stadium will be filled with fans who want to see a win – everyone who wants to tank will sell their tickets and no one is coming from Detriot to watch this mess. A motivated QB and an energetic crowd will be enough to win this one and end this abysmal season on a high note.

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