Packers Options For Trading Up In The 2023 NFL Draft (Post Rodgers Trade)

We already discussed all the options the Packers had for trading up in the 2023 draft

Then, the ball finally dropped and the trade between the Packers and Jets for Aaron Rodgers was completed.

Now there’s more options.

We won’t rehash all the options the Packers had before.

Instead, we’ll just look at the new options that may have opened up given their additional draft capital.

Given that the Packers now have 11 picks in the draft, and Brian Gutekunst has moved up frequently in his 5 years as GM, it’s not all that unlikely he does it again.

(Check out the Packers options for trading down here).

So, what options to the Packers have for trading up in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Well, let’s start with an inventory of the Packers picks to see what they’re working with (all values are gathered from DraftTek’s Trade Value Chart):

  • 1st round pick #13 overall: 1150 points
  • 2nd round pick #42 overall: 480 points
  • 2nd round pick #45 overall: 450 points
  • 3rd round pick #78 overall: 200 points
  • 4th round pick #116 overall: 62 points
  • 5th round pick #149 overall: 30.6 points
  • 7th round pick #232 overall: 1 point
  • 7th round pick #235 overall: 1 point
  • 7th round pick #242 overall: 1 point
  • 7th round pick #256 overall: 1 point

Given that, here are some potential trade options for the Packers where the math works out for a possible deal:


Bills 1st round pick #27 (680 points) for Green Bay’s 2nd round pick #42 (480) and 3rd round pick #78 (200)
Suddenly it seems so easy to secure another 1st round pick. Just pair their 3rd rounder (which is notoriously cursed under Gutekunst) with their new 2nd round pick from the Jets and it instantly becomes a 1st round pick. The top tier of talent in this draft is pretty thin, so if the Bills aren’t in love with anyone who falls to 27, they may be willing to drop down and pickup another pick.

Steelers 1st round pick #17 (950 points) for Green Bay’s 2nd round pick #42 (480), 2nd round pick #45 (450), and 5th round pick #115 (30.6)
The Steelers had the worst possible outcome last year, finishing tied for a playoff spot (which pushed their draft pick down), but losing the tie-breaker (which kept them out of the playoffs). They are more than one player away from competing, so they could have an interest in grabbing a couple 2nd round picks instead of a mid-level 1st rounder that misses the first talent tier.

Lions 1st round pick #6 (1600 points) for Green Bay’s 1st round pick #13 (1150), and 2nd round pick #45 (450)
The Lions have done everything right in turning the franchise around under Brad Holmes. One of the key ingredients has been extra draft picks. Sliding down to 13 keeps them in play for an immediate contributor (and they already have another 1st rounder at pick 18), plus they pick up another selection in the middle of the 2nd, where starters can still be found.

Colts 1st round pick #4 (1800 points) for Green Bay’s 1st round pick #13 (1150), and 2nd round pick #45 (450), and 3rd round pick #78 (200)
This would be a big splash. If the Colts have their eye on a specific quarterback, and he doesn’t make it to #4, they could really use multiple picks for their rebuild. From the Packers side, they’re in a better position to move since they slid up in the 1st, they’re giving up their 2nd, which was already replaced with a higher 2nd from the Jets, and they’re tacking on their 3rd round pick, which they never get value out of anyway – and they get a blue chip prospect!


So there are the most likely ranges the Packers could move up to if they want to use their new draft position to push even higher.

We don’t know what the Packers are thinking or who might be available, but we do know that Gutekunst has a history of trading up and it is a key part of his draft strategy. With 10 picks for the Packers, this should be an exciting draft.


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