Postgame: Bears Packers 2017 Week 10

Well, after winning the the first matchup this year and taking the all-time series lead for the first time since the Hoover administration, the Packers won the rematch without Aaron Rodgers, proving once again that the Bears still suck. Here are the big things that stuck out.

Two Throws To Tae
It’s not that Brett Hundley never tried going deep, it’s just that every time he did, he was way off. This week, there were two throws that really showed he took a step forward. The first was his 19-yard TD in the 3rd to extend the lead to 10. Adams pulled his route in, opening space on the sideline (something he has gotten much better at over the years), and gave Hundley a great pocket to put the ball. Tae may have over-extended his route a bit, because it looked like Hundley put it right where it should have been give how much space was there, but Adams had to make a great adjustment to haul it in. It was a thing of beauty and looked a lot like the game-winner at Dallas, except with a different quarterback. In 4th quarter, on 3rd and 10, with the game still not locked up, Hundley reared back for a sideline strike and dropped it over Tae’s shoulder in stride for 42 yards, even with clear pass interference, he caught it one-handed. Hundley threw near perfect balls and Adams made them look spectacular. If they deepen their rapport, it will to something big for the passing game to build off.

Big Mike’s Big Game Plan
There is no quitting on this team. Weeks after losing his QB, his RT goes down for the year and his TE quits. Then, during a rainy game, he loses his top two running backs. Somewhere in the action, the new QB, known for his mobility, tweaks a hammy. Oh, and their 3rd string long snapper botches another FG. So what happens? They win. Give McCarthy some credit just for keeping his team together, but also for pulling out a victory. Early on, it looked like the game plan was to not let Hundley run and make him pass so he would keep his focus and it worked. Then on a 20 yard run in the 3rd quarter, you could see his limp. Knowing that this was on-the-fly adjusting to the gameplan should warm the heart of even the most adamant in the #FireMcCarthy camp.

A Stay of Execution
The #FireCapers camps has been even more vocal than the #FireMcCarthy camp lately. I think Dom’s time is about up, but I give him credit for putting together a game plan good enough to beat a rookie quarterback throwing to a jerkwater receiving core in the rain. Jordan Howard (last year’s second leading rusher) broke off a 25 yard gain and still was held under 4 yards per carry – that’s good stuff. Also, the safeties weren’t playing out in no-man’s land. I still think it’s time, but it was a nice performance.

Stupid Rule – But Funny
Is it a stupid rule that if an offensive player fumbles through their endzone that it’s a touchback for the defense? Yes. But consider the alternative: if there is a loose ball in the end zone and players from both sides are scrambling to recover it, the offense could just slap it out of bounds to save their hide. That wouldn’t be fun or competitive (and offenses already have enough advantages), hence the rule. Now, it hardly ever (maybe never) gets applied in situations like that, instead only rearing its head in situations that make it look ludicrous, but I understand why they have the rule. It’s still a stupid rule, but it was absolutely applied correctly in the epic John Fox challenge.
Ref: “Out of bounds at the two.”
Fox: “I think we scored a touchdown.”
Ref: “Oh yeah? How about I just give the f#cking ball to the Packers?”

Maybe it was the rain, but Trevor Davis juked less and, lo and behold, he got somewhere. I’m sure he’ll be back to his old ways when the weather improves. Janis? … Janis?

I Didn’t Notice Any Tight Ends Drop Easy Balls In Key Situations All Game
Huh, how ’bout that?

Looking Ahead
The Packers beat a team with a losing record. Now they have a few more teams with losing records coming up on the schedule. It’s shaping up to be an interesting season – lets enjoy it!

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