Postgame Notes: Lions Packers 2017 Week 17

That was… interesting… here were my big takeaways:

  • I love starting with an onside kick – show you are here to win and get some practice on something you don’t often get to practice very often
  • Mason Crosby is hands-down the best onside kicker I have ever seen – that whole thing was beautifully executed
  • Jamaal Williams is behind Aaron Jones for most productive runner and behind Ty Montgomery for best receiver, but he’s the best pass-blocker, so he gets the top slot – I hate this, I would rather have my RB run and receive than block – that’s what fullbacks are for
  • In the 9 games where he had more than 2 carries, Williams only had more than 3.87 yards per carry 1 time
  • Clay Matthews looks like a guy who still has gas in the tank – not an every down dominator at this age, but a most-downs difference-maker that a new DC can work with
  • Jake Ryan led the team with 5 tackles… 5… kinda makes it look like the defense was trying all that hard when no one on the team can get more tackles than the other team had touchdowns
  • Mike Daniels never quit, though, or Kenny Clark – those guys are such a great foundation for a new DC

The season is over, the hurt can start to fade

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