Pregame Predictions: Lions Packers 2017 Week 17

Well, we know for sure that the season is over after this game… it’s been a long time since Packer fans could say that. With all the guys shuffling to IR and being declared out, it’s hard to know what to expect and with Adams and Linsley extended, there might not be a lot of imminent offseason activity, either. Win or lose (probably lose), let’s enjoy the last action we’ll see for a while.


  • Brett Hundley throws a couple picks to go with 0 TDs – he’s been progressing and developing, but with all the guys being rested, he can’t keep up in a loud dome (and the dome will be loud as Lions fans don’t get to cheer wins over the Packers very often)
  • Reggie Gilbert comes up with a sack
  • David Bakhtiari owns Ziggy Ansah, just like he’s owned everybody all year
  • Michael Clark makes a crazy athletic play
  • Jamaal Williams will find it tough going on the turf and be held under 60 yards for the 4th straight week
  • Matt Stafford throws for 300 yards and 3 TDs
  • Packer fans let out a sigh of relief that this year is finally over and immediately flood Google while refreshing the search for “Packers fire Capers”
  • The Packers give it their all, but it’s still backups against starters; Caldwell may be playing for his job (and losing here would be embarrassing) plus the Lions always get slapped around by the Packers and will take full advantage of an opportunity to slap back (little girl shoulder slaps, but still)

Packers 6, Lions 34

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