Prediction Results: Packers at 49ers – 2019 Week 12

This game wasn’t pretty… neither were the predictions. Here are the results from the predictions made in Pregame Predictions: Packers at 49ers – 2019 Week 12.

Aaron Rodgers is limited to 250 yards passing
Oh boy, I nailed this one.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Jones gets over 4.5 yards per carry
Oh boy, I missed this one.
Score: 0.0

The Smiths combine for at least 2 sacks
Score: 1.0

Jamaal Williams gets over 4.5 yards per carry
He barely had 4.5 yards total before garbage time. He finished at 4.1, but those numbers didn’t tell the story.
Score: 0.0

Marcedes Lewis gets a touchdown
No he doesn’t.
Score: 0.0

Tevin Coleman gets less than 4.0 yards per carry
Yup, 11 carries for 39 yards.
Score: 1.0

The Packers defense gets two takeaways
Yeah, they were only a couple short.
Score: 0.0

The Packers get at least 1 punt return that goes more than 0 yards
I really thought this was the week. They actually returned a couple and, despite them looking like they might manage a yard, they both lost yardage. It was as amazing as it was predictable.
Score: 0.0

Packers 18, 49ers 17
I wasn’t going to be surprised with any outcome, but I really didn’t expect this. I was only off by 1 for the Packers score (but it was in the tens column) and the 49ers barely doubled my prediction.
Score: 0.0

Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 3.0
Percentage: 33.33333%


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