Three Point Preview: Packers at Giants – 2019 Week 13

It’s The Giants
There’s no easy games in the NFL, any given Sunday, and all that stuff, but come on, it’s the Giants. They have two win – one by one point and one against the Redskins. They just lost to the Bears for crying out loud. The Packers need a get-well game and the Giants are just the team to give it them.

Looks like its going to be cold and rainy, maybe even snowy and slushy. The Giants will be trying to run the ball and, while Saquon Barkley hasn’t been super productive as of late, he has all the skills to take over a game, especially against a defense like the Packers. Let the young QB sling the ball in garbage weather, but lock down the run.

The Packers didn’t waste timing giving away momentum last week with a (ticky tack) unsportsmanlike conduct followed by handling the ball over at the 2 and letting the 49ers get a quick touchdown. This week, the team needs to come ready to stomp. The Giants have been outscored 81-27 in the first quarter this week. If the Packers can’t gain some confidence with early momentum in this game, where the stands will likely be half empty, the next ones may not matter. 


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