Prediction Results: Packers at Cowboys – 2019 Week 5

Editor’s note: Stude is going to grade my predictions from the preview again this week to keep me honest. Lucky for him, being honest is easy this week.

This game went in a different direction than most predicted. After the Packers had difficulty stopping the run against the Eagles, Elliott was expected to have a big day on the ground. Instead, the Packers raced to a 31-3 lead and the Cowboys had to pass to get back in it.

Ezekiel Elliott goes over 100 yards rushing
Elliott ran for 62 yards on 12 carries. That’s a 5.2 ypc average, and he also caught 2 more balls for 29 yards. Had the Packers not got up by so much early, the Cowboys would likely have used Zeke more and this prediction would have easily come true. But it didn’t. 
Score: 0.0

Dak Prescott gets less than 250 yards passing
Dak had his career high in passing throwing for 463 yards, which is almost double the prediction he was supposed to be under.
Score: 0.0

Kenny Clark goes apesh!t and wrecks the interior
Kenny went a little crazy by getting a personal foul. Other than that, we never heard his name and he had 1 tackle for the entire game.
Score: 0.1

Darnell Savage comes up with a big play
Like a bunch of other Packers players this game, Savage went out with injury. Before he went out, he had 1 tackle, which was decent but not a big play.
Score: 0.1

Aaron Rodgers gets more passing yards than Dak Prescott
Dak had 225 yards more than Aaron’s 238, just missing doubling his total yards.
Score: 0.0

Jake Kumerow gets less than 50 yards receiving 
Jake had 2 targets and caught 1 of them for 9 yards.
Score: 1.0

Mason Crosby misses a kick
He took that knee early in the game, but he shook it off and was 2 for 2 on field goals and 4 for 4 on extra points.
Score: 0.0

Danny Vitale has a higher ypc than Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones had a career day carrying 19 times for 107 yards and 4 touchdowns. Vitale didn’t carry once. Vitale DID have 1 reception for 9 yards, and a nine yard average isn’t bad for a back. However, Aaron Jones caught 7 balls for 75 yards (10.7 yard avg) as part of his stellar day.
Score: 0.0

Packers 17, Cowboys 27
The result is not correct, so that automatically caps at half credit. The Packers scored twice the predicted amount so no credit there either. However, the Cowboys score was only off by 3.
Score: 0.2

Total Predictions: 9.0
Total Score: 1.4
Percentage: 15.6%

Editor’s note: You know how I always say I’ll own it when I’m wrong? Well, I was wrong.

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