Prediction Results: Packers at Vikings – 2019 Week 16

So, here’s what happened based on the things we predicted in our Pregame Predictions column:

Aaron Rodgers throws an interception (I said it)
I had a feeling. It was the right feeling.
Score: 1.0

The Vikings rush for over 100 yards with whoever they march out there
I had a feeling. It was the wrong feeling. I did not see that defensive performance coming. I knew they were capable of it, but I didn’t think they would actually do it. The Vikings got 57 yards.
Score 0.3

Aaron Jones gets at least 3 catches after having 0 in 3 of the last 5 games
If he wouldn’t have dropped an easy screen, he would have had 3. I’m being generous with my credit here.
Score: 0.9

The Vikings take deep shots early
They sure did, they even tried Philly Special. The only problem is Kirk Cousins.
Score: 1.0

Rodgers is sacked multiple times
Yeah, 3 qualifies as multiple.
Score: 1.0

Tyler Ervin busts off a long return on the fast track
An 11-yarder is nothing to sneeze at considering the team had -8 total yards before he arrived. Only one person in the league averages more than 9.5 yards per return.
Score: 0.7

Stefon Diggs leads the game in receiving yards
He came in second, but had the most fantasy point./
Score: 0.6

Birds will be murdered by the Vikings eyesore of a stadium
You know it!
Score: 1.0

Packers 20, Vikings 27
I own my decisions. I really didn’t think the Packers were going to come through, especially after the disastrous first half by the offense. I was close on the Packers score, but way too generous to Kirk Cousins on a Monday night.
Score: 0.2

Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 6.7
Percentage: 74.4%


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