Quick Review: Packers at Vikings – 2019 Week 16

Oh boy! We are getting hot to finish the season and the number 1 seed is a very realistic possibility.

It would be easy to say the Packers won this game with defense. The Vikings were given the ball in Green Bay territory three times in the first half and they only managed 10 points. In the entire game, they had 139 total yards.

The defense dominated.

On offense, they clearly had a game plan to pound the ball with the run game and short passing game to wear down the defense. Even with three turnovers (plus two other fumbles), the game plan worked. By the second half, the Vikings front wanted no part of that gashing run game and they were too tired in pursuit to stop Jones from breaking out for two touchdown runs around the edge.

But that’s not why they won.

They won because, unlike their brutal road start against the 49ers, the Packers kept their composure. They stuck to the plan. They executed.

They didn’t panic.

That’s the sign of a mature team. That’s the kind of team that can grind through the postseason.

The Packers grew up last night and I don’t have high hopes for anyone that has to face this team at Lambeau in the playoffs.


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