Prediction Results: Packers vs Lions – 2019 Week 6

Well that certainly was a wild one. It ended in a win, but there was so much more to it – let’s see how we fared in the pregame predictions for this week:

Kerryon Johnson gives our linebackers some punishment
He didn’t have a great stat line, but he did dole out some punishment.
Score: 0.3

A reserve DB comes up with another big play
I’m going to give Tramon a little credit for his big breakup late, but the DBs could have been a little better, especially early on.
Score: 0.2

The Smiths combine for a couple sacks
They had 2.5. They are doing so much better than I could have even hoped.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a monster stat line, but gets 0 Ints and completes more than 60% of his passes
Rodgers didn’t have a monster stat line, but he did complete 62% of his passes, and that interception was all Shepherd.
Score: 1.0

Matt Stafford passes for more yards than Aaron Rodgers
In the end, Rodgers ended up with 18 more yards. Given how this game went, especially early, I’m giving myself partial credit on the razor-thin margin there.
Score: 0.5

MVS leads the team in receiving yards
He finished 17 yards behind Lazard, but missed some time with an injury. Partial credit.
Score: 0.5

Elgton Jenkins takes out the trash
Oh boy, did he ever! He was lined up from some big vets and graded the road for the Packers to get 179 yards rushing and 5.9 yards per carry.
Score: 1.0

Kenny Golladay leads the game in receiving yards
He had 56 more yards than anyone else. His first catch of the night was more yards than anyone else had all game. If I could get more than full credit, I would.
Score: 1.0

Packers 27, Lions 21
Can’t get much closer to 23-22. Correct outcome with a few points in either direction.
Score: 0.9


Total Predictions: 9.0
Total Score: 6.4
Percentage: 71.1%

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