Quick Review: Packers vs Lions – 2019 Week 6

The Lions Are For Real
They plan very, very tough man coverage and are physical across the board. The Packers have to play these guys again and I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be another game that determined the division lead. Given how physical they are, especially in man coverage, I’m kind glad the December matchup is in a dome.

The Young Receivers
This week was full of discussion on if the Packers could survive without another receiver with Davante Adams out. There were plenty of growing pains, but Allen Lazard came up huge at the end of the game. The Packers made the choice to go into the season with Adams (a star), Allison (an average vet), and a lot of young guys with potential. With Adams and Allison both out, the Packers showed they can win with their young, developing receivers. It’s a team effort and a team result. 

Team Grit
The Lions came out with trick plays and an aggressive passing game, playing like they had nothing to lose and pulling out every stop… and the Packers took their blows, messed up all over the place, then dusted themselves off and took a W.

The defense held the Lions to 24 yards in the 4th quarter while the offense marched down the field with ease 3 times in a row (giving the ball away inside the 5 once and scoring twice) to win the game, despite a 0-3 disadvantage in the turnover department. This team is doing special things.


Other items of note

  • Jimmy Graham made a great catch
  • The refs are still terrible
  • Packers offensive line did a good job against a tough front 
  • I was glad to see the Packers stick with the run all game
  • On the first play of the game, Jaire Alexander showed amazing hustle to chase down Golladay
  • Games like this give a team a unique confidence

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