Prediction Results: Packers vs Panthers – 2019 Week 10

Sometimes, you can just see how things are going to unfold. This was one of these weeks. Here are how I fared with the predictions for the week in Pregame Predictions: Packers vs Panthers – 2019 Week 10. (Stude was kind enough to do the grading this week to keep me honest.)


Christian McCaffrey gets 150 total yards
CMC had 141 yards, but he could have easily had more. He was averaging 5.5 per touch and only carried 20 times.
Score 0.8 (Editor’s note: I was off by 6%, but I get docked 20% on the score? Talk about tough grading!)

The Packers win the turnover battle
Panthers had 2 while the Packers didn’t have any. This was a huge difference in the game.
Score: 1.0

Davante Adams still leads the Packers in targets
He had 10 which is almost twice as many as Lazard who was the next closest. 
Score: 1.0

Ibraheim Campbell makes his presence known
He definitely was contributing in his first game. He played 58% of the snaps and had 6 tackles and a forced fumble. He wasn’t flashy, but made his presence known.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Rodgers avoids an interception against the defense with the 2nd most interceptions in the league
Aaron didn’t have an interception.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Rodgers gets sacked at least a couple times
Aaron was sacked twice
Score: 1.0

The Packers rush for over 100 yards
Aaron Jones had almost 100 by himself and Jamaal Williams had 63.
Score: 1.0

Another big play from a receiver not named Adams
Davante had a nice 38 yard play, but the biggest play of the day was from Jimmy Graham and his 48 catch and run.
Score: 1.0

Packers 24, Panthers 20
Had the outcome correct, the Packers score exactly, and Panthers score was only off by 4.
Score: 0.9


Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 8.7
Percentage: 97%


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