Quick Review: Packers vs Panthers – 2019 Week 10

The Packers are back on a win streak after grinding out a tough win in the snow. Here’s the a look at the biggest takeaways.

Bend But Don’t Break
The Packers defense is built for bend but don’t break. Fans got a bad taste in their mouth with that phrase over recent years, but that’s because the last few years were actually “bend and then break.” I don’t care if they gave up 400 yards, they only gave up 16 points. Most importantly, they did enough to win – especially when it came to crunch time. That game-winning goalline stand was a thing of beauty. Only one team was able to win with 16 points this week – holding a team to 16 is plenty good in today’s NFL. 

Old Man Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers is getting old and he’s coming off a couple years of brutal injuries that have messed with his mechanics. He’s not what he used to be. He just isn’t able to play at the level he did play-in, play-out five years ago. The good new is that the league is making it easier than ever on QBs, we have Matt LaFleur to maximize his skills, and a killer ground game to make the offense formidable. Even with a slightly lesser version of Rodgers, this offense is primed to win.

Special Teams are Garbage
Poor punting, bad coverage, and no return game. It’s getting old writing that. As well as this team is playing, I think special teams is their biggest risk.


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