Prediction Results: Packers vs Raiders – 2019 Week 7

This one was fun. To keep us honest, Stude is going to be doing the grading again this week to go with my commentary. Here’s the results from the Pregame Predictions: Packers vs Raiders – 2019 Week 7:

Josh Jacobs gets at least 75 yards rushing
Yeah, he almost got this on the first play. The guy is for real and he’s a great fit for the Raiders line. I said he was RB1 in the draft and he’s been proving it.
Score: 1.0

The Smith Brothers are held to 1.0 sacks (or fewer) because of David Carr’s quick release
I saw this coming, I thought they would get shut out, but I was confident 1 was the ceiling. They got shut out.
Score: 1.0

An unheralded receiver makes another wow play
Take you pick: Kumerow, Lazard, Geronimo…
Score: 1.0

Packers play conservative on the special teams return game and avoid major blunders
Score: 1.0

The Raiders come out guns blazing off the bye, just like the Lions
With the exception of turnovers and penalties, the Raiders offense was prepared and clicking.
Score: 1.0

Aaron Jones sees tough sledding and can’t get over 4.0 yards per carry
The sledding was tough and he was limited to 12 carries, but he did end up with 4.2 yards per carry.
Score: 0.4

Jaire Alexander uses his quickness to get a pick
Not today. He played well, but no picks
Score: 0.0

Packers backs and tight ends play a huge role in the passing attack
If I was grading this, I may have given myself more than full credit.
Score: 1.0

Packers 30, Raiders 20
Both teams scored a little more, but it was still pretty close to the heart.
Score: 0.9

Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 7.3
Percentage: 81.1%


For more postgame coverage from Week 7, check out Quick Review: Packers vs Raiders – 2019 Week 7.


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