Quick Review: Packers at Giants – 2019 Week 13

That’s a little more like it. The Packers got the much-needed get-well game they needed. Heres the big things that stuck out.

Old Man Rodgers Still Has It
Aaron Rodgers is past his prime. Not too far past, though. He showed some great athleticism on key passes like the touchdown to Marcedes Lewis and he also showed a willingness to spread it around to guys like Lazard, Vitale, and Geronimo (whose two catches were key 3rd and 4th down conversions). He used Davante, but didn’t seem nearly as locked into him as he’d been in previous weeks. That bodes well for the playoff run.

The Defense Is…
They aren’t dominant, but they are effective. We know that they like a bend-but-don’t-break approach. While it’s frustrating, it is effective when you make teams settle for field goals and get three interceptions. More interesting was the fact that they did it without a single sack. There’s a lot of talent there and most of the day they seemed content to sit in nickel and let the Giants run. Maybe it wasn’t pretty, but they ran the gameplan and held the opposition to 13 points. That will win a lot of games.

Offensive Gameplan
Almost a third (10 of 33) of Aaron Rodger’s attempts went to Davante, but it seemed like a natural part of his read progressions (mostly). This first touchdown – a three-man concept featuring a cross route with two receivers clearing out the middle for Adams to hide – was a thing of beauty and showed that LaFleur was scheming guys open again. Rodgers targeted 11 different receivers in a game where Aaron Jones (1.6 yards per carry) never really got going. Even in the messy weather, the offense looked like it was coming around.


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