Quick Review: Packers vs Redskins – 2019 Week 14

The Packers got a home win. We don’t need to be critical, but here’s the biggest factors:

They Won
Sure, the Packers offense had some misfires and the defense let the Redskins move the ball at times, but they won, by a pretty solid margin and the game was never really in question. They jumped out to an early lead then just grinded it out until the end. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Aaron Rodgers Is Old
But still good. He’s not the player he used to be, but the early scripted plays were on point. After getting a lead, it looked like he was looking more for the deep stuff, but why not? They have a lead and are trying to find a rhythm. Standing against pressure and awkwardly throwing balls like the over-the-shoulder that 

Aaron Jones Is The Man
He can run, he can catch, he can block. He just keeps getting better. He held up to get 22 touches for 192 yards. Rodgers managed the game very well, but Jones was the engine today. The more that can happen, the better it will be for Green Bay.


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