Prediction Results: Packers vs Redskins – 2019 Week 14

The Packers won and kept themselves in the driver’s seat for the division crown. Here are the results of the predicitons we made in Pregame Predictions: Packers vs Redskins – 2019 Week 14

Preston Smith gets a sack against his old team
Was there any doubt?
Score: 1.0

Adrian Peterson gets 4.5 yards per carry
He fell a little short (which I didn’t realize until I looked at the box score), but he definitely had his moments. I don’t care how old he gets or who he plays for, he’s always tough on the Packers
Score: 0.6

The Packers rush for 100 yards against a team that just held Christian MacCaffrey to 44 yards on 14 carries
And then some. They had 174 all day.
Score: 1.0

Tyler Ervin becomes the Packers leading punt returner on the year in his very first game on the team
His first four punts were the four longest returns of the year for the Packers. He also had a fair catch, which was the 6th longest return of the years for the Packers.
Score: 1.0

A receiver besides Adams catches a touchdown
Rodgers spread it around and his one TD went to Tonyan (after Sternberger dropped one earlier).
Score: 1.0

Dwayne Haskins drops a bomb (over 35 yards)
He had a 30 yarder, but his TD to McClauren was one of the best plays I’ve seen all year.
Score: 0.7

Jaire Alexander with an interception
Almost. It went to Amos instead.
Score: 0.0

Tramon Williams uses his veteran savvy for a big play against the rookie QB
Tramon had a very good game and was hosed on a penalty on a tight coverage break up. Newsflash: the Packers don’t get all the calls.
Score: 0.8

Packers 26, Redskins 13
Packers 20, Redskins 15. That’s pretty darn close.
Score: 0.8

Total Predictions: 9
Total Score: 6.9
Percentage: 76.7%


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