Really NFL, A Fifth Rounder?

Casey Hayward, the Pro Bowl cornerback (second team All Pro) who led the league in interceptions last season, netted the Packers a fifth-round pick from the NFL’s b!tch #ss compensatory pick formula.

He was the 24th highest pick awarded, so there must have been 23 better free agents last year, right? Guys like fellow cornerback Sean Smith with his two interceptions (which didn’t get him into the Pro Bowl, but got the Chiefs a third rounder) and Danny Trevathan, who started 8 games and got 1 sack (the guy that Packer fans had to have).

What’s up with that nonsense? does a really good job predicting the picks and pretty much bases their whole thing on contract size. So apparently teams aren’t compensated for losing good, productive players, they’re compensated for other teams overpaying their players.

Thats seems really lame, but at least we don’t have to worry about Ted bolstering any other team’s comp pick bounty.

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