Shut Up About The Offensive Line Unless You Have A Solution

I’m tired of hearing crap like “We shouldn’t have a backup guard starting at tackle” and “It’s an embarrassment to start all these guards” or “This is another Ted Thompson failure.”

Seriously, they had five injured tackles – FIVE. Most teams only carry three true tackles on their roster and the Packers have three on IR.

We’re blessed to have the best starting tandem of tackles in the game, with solid depth, and be in a position to put guards out there and still go 4-1.

We should be doing backflips that Ted put together a team that can weather that adversity and have a top contending squad.

But if you think you can do it better, by all means, let’s hear it! Name one player – ONE – that is available for the Packers to get that you think would do better than Lane Taylor.

Waiting… I don’t see an option in the comments yet…. who would be a better option than Lane Taylor?

No, “anybody” is not a better option, this is the NFL and we have the best record in the conference. The only thing you should be saying about the offensive line is “Holy sh!t, how did Ted Thompson manage to put together a serviceable line with all those injuries!?”

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