Let’s Check In On That NYG Free Agency Binge

Remember when the Giants spent a whole bunch of money on free agents to shore up their defense? I do.

Everyone wanted Ted to follow suit. It didn’t work for the Giants last year, but free agent deals for the big names that everyone wants are never one year deals – they go on for a while (usually with back-loaded terms).

The Giants purchased the services of Janoris Jenkins, Olivier Vernon, and Damon Harrison for a mere $194M (compared to a 2017 salary cap for a 53 man roster of $168M).

So far in 2017, that Giants defense has given up 122 points, 8th worst in the league, and they are winless. Last week, they gave up 27 points to a Chargers team that earned their first win of the year – that was also the most points that the 1-4 squad has scored all year.

I wish Ted would do that…

It went ok for the Giants in 2016… until the Packers (who didn’t go on a nonsensical spending binge) wrecked them in the playoffs. Now all those high-priced old guys are just collecting checks on one of the worst defenses in the NFL and one of only three 0-5 teams – rare company.

It’s almost like going all-in with high-priced, big-name free agents isn’t a winning strategy…

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