So What Should The Packers Do In The First Round?

The Packers should be picking around 10:00 tonight and when you pick that late, you really have no idea what’s going to happen. It’s supposed to be a deep draft for corners. Does that mean everyone will wait to take a corner, figuring they can get one later, and a top 15 talent could slip to 29, or does that mean there will be an early run and they’ll all be gone by 25? Who knows.

That’s what makes it interesting for a team like the Packers that keeps being saddled with the burden of going to the playoffs every year and thus picking late. So what should they do?

Best player available? That isn’t always a clear delineation.

Do you take a late riser like TJ Watt if he’s there?

Do you absorb the PR hit to get a top talent like Joe Mixon?

Stick to your board if OJ Howard falls, even though you’re already deep at TE?

Take the safe bet?

Go for a boom or bust prospect?

Trade up to get one of these “can’t miss” prospects we hear so much about?

Go all in? (I don’t know what that means, but our fans are clamoring for it)

Trade down?

Yeah, that one! That’s right, trade down. I don’t really care who’s there. It would take an Aaron Rodgers like fall for me to not want to trade back. It’s allegedly a deep draft, but even if it wasn’t, the best chance to find good guys is by drafting a lot of guys. The Packers aren’t picking in the top 10 where you find the Von Millers – you can only get there by going 3-13 (like the Bears did – we should probably be scared of who they will pick, but don’t worry, this is the franchise that takes guys like Curtis Enis and Cade McNown).

So trade down, Ted.

I have to get up at 4:45 to catch a plane tomorrow. I don’t want to stay up waiting to see who they’re going to pick. I want to go to bed and not miss anything. Then pick a couple guys on day 2, and make them good ones.

You want player analysis? Check out Andrew’s post on Day 1. As for me, I just want more guys.

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